Biblical praying community “God is love”
As a special and regular mission, brothers have obligation for spiritual guidance to members of the Biblical – prayer group “God’s love”, as a gatherings of the faithful, inspired by God’s word.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, brothers gather believers once a week in parish or monastic communities for joint hearing and consideration of Sunday and feast readings as a responsible and joyful preparation for the Sunday Eucharistic celebration.
Based on Sunday’s messes readings, brothers members of the community “God is love”, learn the way of prayer, blessing and celebration of God’s name, in particular living environment.
Wherever there is possible, brothers in communion with the members of biblical prayer groups, organize meetings aimed for listening and getting to know the Word of God on the path of salvation, healing and holiness.
In their regular gatherings with members of the community “God is love”, brothers, above all, are trying to develop the spirit of unity, harmony and cooperation with the priests and parish administrators expressing their obedience, loyalty and true love.
The brothers are trying to lead members of the community “God is love” in the way of weekly meetings and concrete efforts in society, encourageim them to preserve and promote Catholic faith and the sacramental, liturgical and evangelical life.
Through community teams, brothers are recognizing and developing a variety of gifts and services by which the Holy Spirit could be revealed in limbs of the Church as a living tissue in the parish community.
The brothers should be careful to develop harmony and cooperation with other communities within the parish, while preserving the singularity of their own carism, and above all, respecting the decisions and guidelines of the pastoral and evangelizing rhythm in the parish as it defines and promotes vicar in his parish community.
Association of faithful worshipers Permanent Holy Trinity through the hands of Mary Most Pure, is taking responsibility and care for the spiritual and Christian formation of their spiritual family of “Crown of the Holy Trinity” and biblical praying group “God is love”.