Many healed during Mass in Australia

More than 200 people gathered on 25 November last year to attend “a special healing Holy Mass” at Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Maida Vale Parish.
Father Rosario Palic, from the Diocese of Trieste, celebrated the Mass – which included Eucharistic Adoration, meditation and healing prayers – with Parish Priest Fr Joseph Rathnaraj as concelebrant.
Speaking to The eRecord, Fr Palic’s translator Yolanda Nardizzi of City Beach Parish said she knew Fr Palic from Marijana, a lady whose encounter with Fr Palic brought significant healing from her critical illness and led to Fr Palic’s arrival in Perth.
“Marijana was born in Croatia with her family came from near Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and fell critically ill when she was bitten by a white-tail spider, her reaction was extremely severe,” Mrs Nardizzi explained.
“She could not eat as her swallowing reflexes were not working and her nervous system collapsed. She lost mobility and part of her eyesight.”
Mrs Nardizzi mentioned that Marijana was living in Perth at the time and with a much convincing from her mother, she decided to go back to Medjugorje against medical advice in a desperate attempt after not finding any solutions with all the medical treatment she received in Perth.
“After a short time in Medjugorje, she began to feel some relief and was referred to Fr Rozo Palic in Trieste, Italy,” Mrs Nardizzi added.
“She was virtually wheelchair-bound prior to her going to Medjugorje and meeting Fr Palic, but felt a special relief and slowly had her health restored after meeting him.
“She strongly felt that Australia, especially Perth Catholic community would benefit from his visits and thus, Fr Palic agreed to come to Australia when God permits,” she continued. Fr Palic was a Franciscan for 25 years before he was called to form the new order that brought him eight years of spiritual trial and desolation in preparation.
He had a spiritual experience with the Holy Spirit in 1985 in November which then followed by a 40-day fasting period when he lived solely on the Holy Eucharist.
“His mission of healing has become well known in Europe with people travelling to Trieste, his dioceses, in search of healing,” Mrs Nardizzi said.
“Fr Palic knows that people who have deep inner wounds in life often lack in experiencing love, even though they may have those around them who do love them.
“His method of healing touches these wounds and people feel God’s love that sets them free,” she continued.
Croatian-born Fr Palic is a practising exorcist in Diocese of Trieste, North of Italy, and has written two books based heavily on Scripture.
“Fr Palic was obviously given certain gifts which he offers in his ministry as all people who have been harbouring deep painful inner wounds rooted in their childhood, seemed to receive a certain peace and freedom or liberation,” Mrs Nardizzi said.
“Fr Palic prayed for each person and administered healing after the Mass and many shed tears and sobbed loudly.
“We received many phone calls from different parishes, thanking the coordinators and some giving different stories about physical and inner healings,” she concluded.

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