Wreath of love of the Holy Trinity

Wreath of love of the Holy Trinity is made of lay faithful, whole families and individuals which are participating in the life of the Association. Permanent adorers help them in spiritual guidance and various organized gatherings so that lay faithful in the ordinary circumstances of life have guidence to live their Christian vocation in more intense way, because they are also called to live in holiness.

Goal is that they are within own family, work and living environment as comprehensively cherish fundamental human and Christian values, and brothers support them with their prayers, closeness and advice. To each other, according to their own vocation, they are becoming help and the encouragement so they can more easily avoid any secular manipulation, researches and adoption of the mentality of modern society that degrades and erodes family life and individuals, accepting the Gospel as a new safe way to achieve full human life.

Members, by various initiatives, remind individuals and target groups to be aware of damaging effects and improper content in the society. With the expert help of brothers and sisters, they are helping families to responsibly act towards the media so their children could have dignified education and growth on human and Christian level. In mutual life in faith, especially in the liturgy, family and friendly celebrations, brothers are trying to approach and interpret them the core of the Christian message so they could recognse each other as a gift of God, not as an object of selfish and hedonistic pleasure.

By the guidelines and instructions of the General and the local Church, they are trying, with brothers help, to involve and engage people with family difficulties in the parish and religious community. To help members of parish and faithful who are burdened because of departure of their loved ones or premature death, brothers find modern ways to testify Christian understanding of the danger of extramarital affairs. To those individuals brothers are offering spiritual help so they can overcome life’s difficulties and live more joyful and faithfull Christian life in the unity

To become member of Crown of the Holy Trinity, they have to give a promise to the Holy Trinity through the most pure hands of Mary. Before entering membership, they have to spend at least one year in the biblical prayer group “God is love”. Brothers and sisters from biblical prayer group ‘God is love’ and ‘Wreath of love of the Holy Trinity‘, especially young people at the time of choosing their life vocation, can give a private promise to life in purity for one year, and during that time they can get support, spiritually accompany prayer, counsel and Christian closeness from brothers.